I am blown away right now.

As most of you are aware I am the “temporary” Executive Director of a youth organization which does mentoring for middle and high school girls in cities throughout the U.S.

For a couple of years teyh organization has been struggling financially and I was a volunteer during that time and got to see the downward spiral. It always broke my heart and solidified my committment to this organization, it’s program and the college women who volunteer to mentor the young women.

I am the ONLY full time staffer. Only staff actually!!!! In the last month most of my interns here in the office have been moving on to paying jobs or back home as the semester ended.

I was left with only one intern…who is like an angel, but one person none the less. Last week she asked me for the Summer Intern Annoucement and we discussed where to post it. She posted it on our website, idealist.org and craigslist.

I had an intern inquiry within a few hours! yay!

I interviewed that young women yesterday and another today.

I now have 3 interns. Two on Tuesdays, one on Weds. and one on Thursday’s(twice a week). This is fantastic. PLUS…what makes this even more fabulous is that one of the interns babysits for “people with money” who “give to charitable groups”. PLUS PLUS…one of the new interns and her boyfriend run a foundation and she has already offered possible financial support.

PLUS PLUS PLUS….I have received two calls this week from other women who want to help. One was a former board member and works for a foundation. One was the program coordinator here years ago and wants to help with grant writing.

I have to say this:

I am grateful  from the deepest part of my soul and heart for the blessings that are coming to WYSE and myself through how much this org. feeds my soul. I am thankful to Spirit for all of the guidance and wisdom to know what is the “right things to do”.

I am going to a sweat lodge this Saturday. I have many prayers to give for my son and some close friends and I have many thanks to give as well.

hmm…maybe i’ll make prayer ties.

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  1. My post about the scene is public again if you want to read it…Tell me please if I sound like a dork or an ass!…haha….I need the feed back…It was very hard to write about it…I sometimes think epople are laughing at me all of this world with some of the thiongs I post…I will read all of your latest posts when i get back in tonight…Promise!…=)

    See ya!

  2. That’s terrific news, I’m so glad that things are going well for WYSE. It sounds like a fantastic program.

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