Brigid's Spotted Baby

Brigid’s Spotted Baby
Spotted Limur? NOPE! Bilge rat? NOPE! It’s the coolest looking kitten I’ve seen in many years! Brigid had her babies today.

Before I left for work she kept climbing in the other box with her sister’s(Sophie’s) babies and trying to feed them. I just KNEW she was going to have hers shortly after that. My bathroom has two rooms to it. One with sinks…one with toilet and shower. I locked each mommy in seperate sections and gave each their own litter box, water, food and bedding. When I got home tonight there were 4 more babies.

With the fact that one of my new interns at work is 6 months pregnant, some folks(hehe) are starting to wonder why there is so much fertility surrounding me.

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7 Comments on More BABIES!

  1. AW! Congrats! I’m so glad all kittens are ok moms and babies alike.

    Sounds like you are a beacon of fertility. (mental note) 😉

  2. Awww that’s one cute kitty.

  3. AWWWW! *cuddles*

    And I think “Spot” is a fabulous name. I’d got for “Domino” too. 😀

    *mental note of fertility as well* 😉

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