Since my 1st Sweat Lodge back in mid December 2005, I have felt strongly that I should have a learn the wooden flute.

It just…a few days ago..came back to me very strongly.

Seems this is yet another of the blessings from Spirit that I will have to be grateful for.

Now I need to sit tight and wait for “my” flute to come into my life.

I’m excited!

In case you are wondering…this is the type of FLUTE I am speaking of.

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  1. My mom’s got 2 wood flutes (one in the key of C and the other in the key of D) and plays them quite nicely. She also has a hammered dulcimer she hasn’t played in awhile. My mom has taught herself to play numerous instruments…

    A skill that I never picked up, but I can sing better than she can, so at least that’s something. *wink*

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