I’ll be posting pics of my two little fabulous kitties tonight. They are doing well.

Brigid cries for love and cuddles. It’s very sweet. she holds on tight and purrs.

Sophie is a bit “shell shocked” over Sandi(the resident adult kitty) and has been acting depressed. This little one needs a super duper load of attention and when I hold her she has a look of nirvana on her face.

She(they) got to see their “daddy” last night. He misses them. They miss him too. Sophie adores him. He just touched her and her purr went wild. He wouldn’t let me put her down at one point. He’s sweet. He wants that little kitty to get all the love she needs. She is a special one.

Brigid is busy becoming a bit of a spaz(which is hilarious to watch) and defending her territory with Sandi. Sandi has been intimidating Sophie, which is quite unfair. PLUS…Sandi has been “marking” my roomates couch. 1st #1…now #2.

Any recommendations for a spray to stop her?

The little ones have been using the litter box the last day or so…since I mixed real soil in with the new wheat based litter I am trying out. Plus, I have reinstated the two litter box bathroom.

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  1. a spray bottle of water will help when you catch her but I would try to spray with febreeze on the couch. Hope that helps ya!

    • B.E.M. says:

      Thanks! Sorry I have not replied about snail mail. I still want to write. I have been really busy and also a bit blah. BUT…I am feeling a lot better these days. 🙂 Hope all is well with you.

  2. If they’ve been spraying, it might be tome to have them spayed. Once they start spraying, they don’t tend to stop.

    • B.E.M. says:

      They are not spraying. All of the cats are marking their territory. The adult is fixed. She has been pooping on the couch.

      They are all girls btw. I’ll be getting the girls fixed in the next week or so.

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