Ok. I just had my WYSE E.D. interview.

I think it went well.

I realize that I am very passionate about the WYSE program and I don’t tehnd to talk about my ideas for Fundraising enough.

I KNOW that my main competition is just that…a fundraising expert…and not so clear on youth work and what WYSE is.

I guess the Board needs to weigh out how having a person like me(balanced in all areas) vs. a person like her(all about bringing in $ and no program experience) would benefit WYSE in the long run.

They will ‘deliberate’ this week and go into the’ final round’ sometime in early June.

so..yah…there ya have it.

I was a little anxious before my interview, and NOW I am really nervous.

I really want this job and feel strongly that I am the right choice for the future of this organization. I just hope they agree with me and don’t just go with the “other” because she can bring in the money (or promise to) because this org. needs that…but also needs to be running on the other track as well.


I need to go for a walk, vent, scream and all of the above.

Hmm…I can think of one thing…actually…that would release the energy that is built up in me right now.


ok…I’m gonna try to chill.

*breathing in deeply*

*trying to rememeber to breath out*

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7 Comments on I’m Sorta Freaked Out

  1. *tight hugs* Good luck, hon.

    If they choose the supposed $ person, they’re insane. You’re clearly much better for the position. *smiles*

  2. *hugs* If they choose the no-experienced money raiser instead of you that would be a horrible loss to them. Couldn’t they have a seperate position of fundraiser, I know a lot of non-profits that have this? I’m crossing my fingers for you and sending all the good vibes I can.

    • B.E.M. says:

      Thank you. 🙂

      The budget for the next 6 mos. hardly covers the E.D. salary. I do believe the higher powers that be are watchging and would not allow them to hire some unsuspecting victim who would walk into a trap…so to speak.

  3. ross_winn says:

    as always…

    you have my love and support. I know you are amazing.

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