BEHIND THE USERNAME ( I was tagged by fallen_ophelia

– Describe your username meaning.
– Tag as many people as there are letters in your name.

ok…uh…well, it’s very complicated really…


I wasn’t gonna do this here..but well…

Why is my journal named “tatyannamw”?

That’s my name dude! *LOL* I have always used tatyannaw or tatyannamw or TW for screen names for the most part. My only others are Moodynymph(as is water nymph…not nympho*LOL*) and Tatymonkey. But, I created this journal to bear my soul and talk about the inner things I typically bury deep inside, so I wanted to use my REAL name to keep myself honest. Otherwise I could take on a persona and just be frivilous…

wait…I’m frivilous anyway…

um…ignore the monkey behind the curtain!!!!

*makes hasty exit into a nearby tree*

FREAK…who the heck do I tag? Most have done this already. hmmm



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5 Comments on Behind the Username

  1. neanahe says:

    The bad news: I don’t do memes under neanahe (doesn’t fit my theme).

    The good news is that I have an alternate username, just for such things. So I’ve friended you to that one and accepted the tag there. 🙂

  2. ninabadina says:

    My alter ego told me to add you, so I did. 😀

  3. countdraga says:

    My actual last name is Draga. It is a Romanian name that comes from the same place as does Dracula. Dracula means “dragon” and Draga means “dear.” Hence the play on words. It somehow seems to fit. Besides a good friend of mine gave me a Sesame Street ‘Count’ just to add to the fun.

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