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White girl #1: Look at that Asian girl! She’s such a whore!
White girl #2: Dude, there’s this Asian girl in my psychology course, she’s a whore, too.
An Asian girl: Excuse me? Um, what is your problem? What, do you think all Asians are whores?

A very long pause.

White girl #1: Yes.

–Madison Square Garden

6 Comments on She Shoulda said: But, aren’t all white girls frigid?

  1. hmmmmmmm….Interesting….=P

    I feel sick….=(….I hope you don’t feel sick…=)


    • B.E.M. says:

      awe…I’m sorry to hear that.

      I am in a “low grade depression”, but I FEEL physically great.

      feel better.

      • my sickness is from depression…I shouldn’t have contacted her
        I knew better…but..I guess…I’m still stupid

        Love can be so stupid…=(

        Love?…I give up!

        • B.E.M. says:

          Awe…I’m sorry…been there…done that. YOU are NOT stupid for doing so.

          Love isn’t stupid…love is beautiful…and painful…but never stupid.

          Don’t give up…and don’t give IN. You have so much to look forward to in the next year…and I only know a little bit of it. You are a unique and old soul.

          I know all too well what being in the “place” you are feels like…and I know that nothing I, or anyone else, can say will make it feel better. But I have learned that the lessons we gain from the painful side of love are only there to prepare us for a deeper understanding of ourselves and the gift of a depper and supportive love coming down the pike.

          How about we replaced that word stupid with vulnerable? Human? Real? 🙂

          • Thank you for the words….Oh…I have given up!…No choice in this matter…It sickens me.

            I don’t think there is any love waiting for me down the pike…I actually feel I’ll be alone from here on out in this state…That is why I want to leave this land…and wonder the world…Just so before I die I can think back and say to myself I did it!…I took the chance….I left my past behind…to evolve into whatever it may be that I must become…..and if a so called “love” finds me so be it!….Maybe I’ve become jaded….or just pathetic…I don’t know…

            Yes…I’m vunerable…human….and real….but..those things just don’t seem to count for anything these days….I’m not the “yuppie” all girls moms want them to meet…I’m not superficial enough for this world…I don’t add up to very much to the ones that I meet in real time.
            It’s such an isolated feeling….I feeling of failure of sorts.

            Sorry to be such a loser…I hate it when I get like this…I tend to like to help others…Not myself…Is this understandable?

            Thank you for your time…I think you’re one of the good ones!…..=)

          • B.E.M. says:

            You don’t sound like a loser. you sound like a man with a broen heart It’s not just a myth that men need more time to heal.

            I think your trek will be a real life changing(not just in the obvious ways) event.

            and as for me being “one of the good ones”. Why thank you kind sir. *curtsy* I’ve been told this…I am unique and don’t fit the mold most women place themselves in.

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