5 Comments on um….repent I say!!!

  1. arian_diana says:

    I confess I thought the IQ test was real…..

    Confession online. Repent to the virtual god.

  2. beloved_juno says:

    Ha ha… interesting! I actually “confessed” a sin or two. It’s cute the way it’s set up. I might have to repost that. I guess there is officially nothing you can’t do on-line anymore.

    *The internet makes it so easy for me to be almost completely anti-social.*

    : p

    • B.E.M. says:


      But DUDE! I “confessed” one of the seven deadly sins…LUST…level B um…say 3 hail Mary’s and contemplate the consequences of my sin. And I say….HALELULLA! ;p

      I think Drive In Absolution would do some heavy business on Friday nights at about 4AM.

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