I have been MIA …pretty much… the last few days.

Life has been busy..fun…and full. I cleaned my yard for 5 hours on “A Day Without Immigrants” day…Monday. No need to hire a gardner now. 🙂

I finally got my two little girl kitties on Weds. night.

I went to see an Elvis impersonator(no pics…sorry).

I was sick. 🙁

I owe some pics for that photo post.

I’ll post a series of photo posts over the weekend.

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  1. Busy lady! 🙂 I saw a pretty good Elvis impersonator (Trent Carlini) in 1990/1991 sometime. Had a great time. He was a “young Elvis”

    Yum! 😀

    Looking forward to pictures!

  2. disneyphile says:

    I wanna see those kitties!!! 😀

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