One issue that was talked about in the news recently and is pretty contraversial amongst working women is whether or not moms get preferential treatment in the work place OR if moms should have the right to have their families take priority, etc.

Apparently, for some reason mothers earn less less general…why should this be?

There is a new grassroots org. that is doing something about parents rights.


Why M.O.T.H.E.R.?

These are the core issues that are at the base of our grassroots movement and are taken directly from the book, The Motherhood Manifesto.

MMaternity/Paternity Leave: Paid family leave for all parents after a new child comes into the family.

OOpen Flexible Work: Give parents the ability to structure their work hours and careers in a way that allows them to meet both business and family needs. This includes flexible work hours and locations, part-time work options, as well as the ability to move in and out of the labor force to raise young children without penalties.

TTV We Choose and Other After-School Programs: Give families safe, educational opportunities for children after the school doors close for the day, including: Create a clear and independent universal television rating system for parents with technology that allows them to choose what is showing in their own homes; support quality educational programming for kids; increase access to, and funding, for after school programs.

HHealthcare for All Kids: Provide quality, universal healthcare to all children.

EExcellent Childcare: Quality, affordable childcare should be available to all parents who need it. Childcare providers should be paid at least a living wage and healthcare benefits.

RRealistic and Fair Wages: Two full-time working parents should be able to earn enough to adequately care for their family. In addition, working mothers must receive equal pay for equal work.

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11 Comments on Are Mothers Getting Equal Pay?

  1. That’s such a great thing. I struggled for many years working jobs that forced me to put them first before my daughter. I got written up for attending my daughters eye surgery when I told my supervisor over three weeks in advance and let her know that the day is tenative because the hospital can’t promise an exact date if they have to change the day of surgery. Then with two weeks to go I reminded her, as well as one week to go — nothing was said that I had to find someone to take my shift till the weekend before her surgery date. By then I couldn’t find anyone to take my shift, I told her this and she said to try harder! So the day of the surgery I called in and let her know that I have to be at the hospital and I couldn’t get anyone to cover for me. They threatened to fire me if I miss any more day after that, regardless if it is a family emergency. I hated them and quit to go back to school hoping to find a job that be understanding and offer a flexible work environment and I haven’t found one yet. Thank goodness I am no longer a single parent and my partner makes enough to support us if I’m not working. It’s so tough to provide for your family being a single parent as well as be there for your child. So many times I had to leave my daughter with my mother when she was sick, so I could work at that damn call centre! I hope this catches on in Canada as well!

    • B.E.M. says:

      Wow…I am so sorry that all happened to you.

      I can relate. I …as you know…and a single mom.

      When I forst moved to Los Angeles back in 1999, my son did not come out until the Fall of 2000(he stayed with grandpa). I started a job in Aug. and he came 3 weeks after the job started. On the day I signed the employer agreement I told human resources that I would need Sept. 22nd off because that was the day I would register my son for school. That was fine. Then 3 mos. later I asked for 4 days off advanced vacation and they almost fired me. The Human Resources Director mentioned that day I took off after I first started and that I was out of line for doing so. I threatened to sue and she backed off. Wanna here the kicker? She was a f’in single mom too! grrrrr

      • WTF!? You think she would be understanding and relate! Out of line for taking your son to school, arrgg frusterating I hear ya! Some people have no personality at work and just follow the corporate book, I hate that it’s disgusts me that many employeers demand that they come first then family. What wrong with this world?

        • B.E.M. says:

          The thing is…I have seen women in the corporate world be interviewed about this topic and they don’t feel(some) that a mother should be able to leave for her children. They generally feel “fair is fair” and there should be no accomodations made. If non mom’s are fighting mom’s rights…we have our work cut out for us.

          What ever happened to “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”?

          • Fair, they are allowing the next generation of people to hardly know their parents and resent them for not being there for them. Seems like the village is getting smaller and smaller as our cities are getting bigger and bigger. I love the gulf islands because they are very small, tight communities that still act as a villiage not a corporate city or whatnot. I wish we could move there but the commute would be bad for DH.

  2. pokerpaddy says:

    Do you not get paid maternity/paternity leave in the states? We get 3 months paid maternity/paternity leave in Ireland. We’ve had it for donkeys years. It’s enshined in European employment law.

    • B.E.M. says:

      That’s brilliant!

      Some States made it madatory to GIVE Family Leave, but for the most part it is unpaid leave. Some companies let you get disbility leave pay when you are pregnant…but not many. I WISH it was mandatory to pay for the leave here. If we can’t be there for our children…who is going to be working for these corporations in 20 years? A bunch of people who walk about like Robots who have no family ties because some nanny raised them?

      Maybe that is what corporations want…stepford workers.

  3. pokerpaddy says:

    I find that amazing, utterly amazing. Paid maternity/partenity leave is one of the basic employment rights in the rest of the industialised world.

    • B.E.M. says:

      Yep. I saw an article this morning. It was about teh healiest countries in the world…which the US is NOT. It asked, “Why is the richest country in the world, not the healiest?” Oh, I can tell you 1000 reasons, and they all boil down to corporate greed and governement colusion.

  4. pokerpaddy says:

    Yeah, your political system isn’t exactly ideal. What you need is a little democracy. I know most americans would berate me for saying that, but when your only choice is between two partys that are owned by big business interests, you are never voting for a change in real policy, just a change in faces. Allied to that, is the way media is owned/controlled by big business too. If any party/candidate campaigened for even the weakest social policy they would be labelled comminists and villified. Somebody once said “if voting changed anything in America, they’d abolish it” Not that everything is perfect in Ireland, but we do have some rights which we conider basic. Mainly things like fair employment laws, health care, and some basic social policys.

    • B.E.M. says:

      I am not “most Americans” and I agree with you whole heartedly. That’s why some folks get angry with me. Say I am not a patriot..blah blah.

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