Travel, work, learn and renew this summer with CODEPINK‘s exciting peace building opportunities:

Peace Delegation to Jordan and Syria
June 12 – 21
Journey to Jordan and Syria, Iraq’s western neighbors, where you’ll meet with Iraqis to hear their first-hand accounts of conditions in Iraq, how they view American occupation, their views how to end it, and what they think of the prospects for reconciliation in post-occupation Iraq.
Vancouver World Peace Forum
June 23 – 28
Join Cindy Sheehan, Jodie Evans, Medea Benjamin, the Vancouver peace community and peace-makers from around the world for a week of dialogue and workshops on building peace in the world.
Cycle for Peace & Justice
June 5 – August 15
Experience the ride of a lifetime, promote peace, and counter military recruitment on Global Exchange’s bike trip across the country from Seattle to DC. Come for the entire ride or join Medea Benjamin and Fernando Suarez del Solar for a special
CODEPINK route from Madison to Chicago, July 21-25.
Camp Casey 2006: Back to the Bush Ranch
August 16 – August 24
This August rejoin Cindy Sheehan and
CODEPINK as we head back to Crawford, Texas to confront an ever-vacationing president with a growing majority of anti-war voices.
Retreat at the Crossings in Austin
August 24 – 27
Unburden, inspire and renew your heart at this activist retreat with the cofounders of
CODEPINK; Medea Benjamin, Jodie Evans, Gael Murphy. Special guests and speakers include Cindy Sheehan, Ann Wright, Diane Wilson and over 100 other peace-loving women from around the country.
June – August
Spend your summer working for peace by interning for
CODEPINK‘s Los Angeles & San Francisco offices. Help develop campaigns, plan actions, and build the global women’s peace movement! Click here to apply.
Youth Summer of Resistance in DC
June – August
The Summer of Nonviolent Resistance will bring an energetic presence of youth to the Nation’s capital to manifest “arts in action” and nonviolent resistance to the Iraq war.

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