I preface this by saying that this would have been a comment in another person’s journal(protected post and therefor private), but I am not going to censor myself. I disagree wholeheartedly with some things on a more global scale…it’s not about anyone personally…but the concepts. I hope that is clear. This does not mean I am being hateful…I am being a well informed US Citizen of multi-ethnic heritage.

“Don’t bite the hand that feed you…”

That’s what folks told black people during the civil rights movement. Was it not? My parents were able to legally marry and share a meal at a restaurant in Washington, DC thanks to them. Sounds simple…but I choose not to go into the horrific things that could have come down on my family were it not for people making white folks uncomfortable.

Heck…many of my family members would never have graduated high school, lived to see their 20th birthdays or even received proper health care so they could give birth to healthy children if not for the sacrifices of all those folks…of all classes and color…who took action.

And many other times throughout history…hmmm Women’s Suffrage? I sure appreciate them sacrificing so much so we can have the rights that we do. WE can vote…and I DO.

In LA…life would pretty much come to a halt without the legal and illegal immigrants who generally work harder than most white folks I know. Sure would be a lot of “uncomfortable” folks.

Maybe things are different in some states…I wouldn’t know…but the majority of immigrants I know came here to seek work, and put food on their tables This is an option since there are so many US Citizens who are not willing to do these jobs that they do. Garbage person, janitor, housekeeper, etc…

Immigrants in the US have proven that they are able to form strong communities and stay connected. Most folks in the US could learn a lot from them. They are reminding the activist community how to organize. Whatever the outcome…that is powerful.

As always…we are all entitled to our disparate views. Just food for thought.

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  1. While I’ve got nothing against people coming here (legally) to work and raise their families, what I don’t agree with are the people who come here illegally and expect free housing, health care, schooling, and food. We work and live here too and don’t qualify for all those programs. Our taxes certainly go toward paying for them…

    Maybe what irks me is that they tend to be handed all these free services while legal immigrants and citizens (and there are PLENTY of those people) either “don’t qualify” or have to reapply for them over and over again…sometimes for YEARS, before they “qualify.” Why should people who DON’T follow the rules get special treatment over and above the ones who do?

    I don’t know. I’m certainly not a racist, nor am I against immigration. I just feel that since we have procedures in place for immigrants to come here legally, I feel it’s important for ALL immigrants to abide by them. In the same vein, people who will (and I say WILL not because for many in my area, it’s a blaringly conscious decision) not follow those procedures should be deported.

    Again, this is just my thoughts on the matter. What it comes down to is that I love multiculturalism and I am not a racist, but I hate it when ANYONE abuses the system to get a free ride. This may not be the case where you are, but there’s a LOT of it going on around here (no, not everyone, but there’s more than I can count on both hands and feet).

    • B.E.M. says:


      Thanks SO much for being honest and for saying what’s on your mind. I REALLY respect that.

      I agree about folks who genuinely take advantage of systems. but…id there is a need and A system is there to support them….like say a non profit gets private grants to give healthcare to illegal immigrants(I used to work for one)…that is not tax payer funds.

      I do know many people who have attempted to come here legally only to be told they must work for a certain number of years, so they do, then their kids get straight “A’s” and they start their own businesses(speaking on one family I know specifically), then the imigration folks make the family miss work and school over 1 dozen times and jump through all sorts of technicalities and hoops just to be told they must wait or do something different. The bottom line is that our government would love to pick and choose who can attempt to be here legally and they pick and choose …most of the time…based on skin color or the relationship they have with that country’s govt…ie” Saudi Arabia or Isreal.

      This issue is pretty deep and complex beyond what the mass media portrays.

      Either way I am quite inspired by the immigrant communities ability to mobilze. It’s impressive!

      None of it is cut and dry. I’m just gald we can discuss this openly. 🙂

      • I know all about the immigration hoops. David and I had to go through them when he came here from England (via Canada). I certainly don’t think he received any preferential treatment because he’s British.

        No, none of it is cut and dry…and I know that the system in place to legalize immigrants is horribly slow, unorganized (especially since 9-11), and certainly not user-friendly (in fact, it’s a big pain in the ass). I also know not everyone abuses the system, but there are so many who do too…legal immigrants, illegal immigrants, and citizens alike. It’s just disgusting. And while I’ve met a handful of immigrants locally who are really working at it (getting “legal”) and I seriously commend them for their efforts, I personally know a few dozen families or individuals who are here to take what they can get for free. They have no intention of making a life here.

        • B.E.M. says:

          Good point. I also know of many who are just here to send $$ and send it home. One person support the whole village they are fromn in Southern Mexico.

          I guess the more global issue is why are conditions in Mexico and elsewhere so bad that people can’t even feed their families and are fortced to leave(to wherever) to survive?

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