It’s wierd…baking makes me feel better…like a security blanket….when I am feeling insecure about things. Yesterday I baked Elaphant Ear Cookies (um…can you saud divine?) and Garlic Cheese Bicuits with a recipe I got from kataish .

Today I will be baking French Bread….it has to rise 5 hours…be shaped…the rise 2 more.I am impatient and want fresh bread, so I am about to pull out an Irish Soda Bread recipe and make that.

All of this due to the way I feel inside. Life is good…don’t get me wrong…but something is getting me all knotted up. Not sure what…YET.

Moving Into Center
Cancer Daily Horoscope
 You may feel moody and experience strong emotions today. You may even desire time alone to center and calm yourself. Postponing unnecessary activities and devoting time to nurturing yourself will enable you to work through your feelings and regain a sense of balance. Simply choose a quiet, private setting and focus on releasing tension from your body. You can then explore your feelings and determine the source of your moodiness. It might be helpful to review the major areas of your life today, such as your relationships, career, and personal goals, because you could be having emotional reactions to any situations that appear out of balance. Allow yourself to simply ponder these situations and make the decision to respond, instead of react, should they arise. You will then feel more in control and benefit from a sense of inner peace and calmed emotions.

We can rediscover our center when we allow ourselves to reflect on our feelings and strive to resolve frustrating circumstances. Fluctuating moods and emotions usually result from feelings of frustration about situations that make us feel out of control. While we may indeed have little control over certain aspects of our lives, we always have control over the way we choose to respond. Choosing to explore our emotions and ponder solutions to challenges gives us a sense of empowerment about our circumstances. We are then able to calm our emotions and feel more balanced again. Taking time to explore your emotions today can provide the answers you need to create a greater sense of balance and serenity in your life.

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