Wow! This is a very DEEP topic for a e-how, eh?

Well, maybe someone will see it and talk to a teens/friend about this issue. My son has a very close female friend who starting cutting. her mom has a very debilitating illness and can only participate in life on a minimal level. This girl is ok now, but that was a very scary year for everyone…including the boys…they did not no what to say or ddo.

EDIT: I have worked with teenagers for 17 years. Self Mutilation has been an “underground” activity for many many years. It is not new and those of us who work with teens know it is difficult subject to approach. It’s nothing new, although more “popular”. The reasons why someone cuts may vary but it all comes from a place of internal pain.

I often post something that I am well informed about with very little extra opinion/thoughts added by myself. I guess, for the benefit of people who read this journal, I should make it clear WHY I am posting things. I tend to keep my thoughts to myself on things that are very emotional to me. But, a reader could think I need guidance or that I am just finding out about a topic. I could quote sound bites or I could pose other observations, but then I would not be a true “thinker”, would I?

Wiki-HOW to Stop Cutting Yourself

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  1. arian_diana says:

    You know, I’ve seen people in the past wearing rubber bands and just flipping themselves seemingly at random. Just one sharp flick. I joked asking if they were into inflicting pain upon themselves, but now I wonder if maybe this is the reason why they did it.
    I think I’ll post the link in my journal and ask the cutters there what they think. I know there’s a few on my list who do it, and I’m curious as to what they’d think.

    • B.E.M. says:

      Hmmm…could have been the reason.

      Would be interesting to see what cutters have to say. there are good resources at the link.

  2. Anonymous says:

    One of my former students was doing this for a number of years, and there’s always a chance of relapse. Comfort, counsel, and reassurance that they aren’t the sourse or fault of the problems they they are associating to the cutting. The cutting is a way to release the pain of something that they feel overwhelmed by.

    BTW, why I am banned from commenting on entries in your Journal. What did I do to offend you (and you said nothing about)?

    JJ MacCrimmon

  3. *nods of understanding* I’m kinda concerned that if my goddaughter Ashley isn’t now, she might start. The warning signs are all there. *ponders* I try to remain available to her so she has an alternate outlet for her frustrations.

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