I Feel Cruddy
by Taty
(Tune of “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story)

I fell Cruddy…Oh so Cruddy.

I Feel Cruddy, and muddy and gray.

I’m so cruddy, that I hardly can believe I got out of bed.

tra la la la la…la la la la la

Who’s that cruddy girl in that mirror there.

Who could that repulsive girl be?


Why did they call it “your monthly friend”. Thankfully my friends don’t make me depressed, punch me in the gut and give me a dizzy feeling.

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6 Comments on I Feel Cruddy

  1. neanahe says:

    Your friends may not treat you that way, but your bitchy Aunt Flo sure does. She sucks, we hate her. 😛

  2. Nor do they make you into a water balloon, give you migraines (wait…some of my “friends” do), or make you wear specified underwear when they’re around so you don’t wreck your good stuff. *LMAO*

    *hugs to you and hands you some chamomile tea*

  3. I’d like to join you in disowning b*tching, annoying, always coming when she’s not invited Aunt Flo. I’ve sung the “i feel cruddy, but me thinks I used some more colourful words” many times.

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