I was interviewed by ross_winn

1/ If you had to choose a different career in the corporate world, what would you do?

Corporate? uh…yikes? I would have to be an auditor. I would audit corporation and upper level executives. I would audit worker benefits programs and force them to deliver on promises. That’s what I would do.

2/ What is your worst recurring nightmare?
When I was a child and through my teens I would have a dream that I was walking across a brudge in teh middle of the woods and it breaks. I fall into the pit under the bridge. The pit is full of skeletons that start to grab at me. I wake up screaming. This was many many years before Poltergeist…btw.

3/ Name one thing you would change about your mind if you could?
I’d like to have a hatch that I could open to scratch it when I can’t remember something.

4/ you get one year to study anything, what would it be?
Tough One. I would actually love to go to cooking school…not sure where though. New Orleans? hmmmm

5/ What character in film most resembles you?

heh..um…Anais Nin in “Henry and June”? Did you mean personality or physical?  anyway…I will stick with my choice. *grin*

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