Does anyone else feel like this week is chock full of transitions and intensity?

As I sat on the bus this morning a few things came to me. I have been asked 3 times in the last month or so for advice for young women who have possibly been sexually abused. Work related stuff. I wonder what this is all about? Then there was a discussion with a young adult woman that left with with a knot in my gut that I can only associate with feelings that she may have been abused too. What all of that left me with is how damaged a young women’s self esteem and sense of her expected relationships to others  can be askew.

I am being drawn into this whole recharging of my passion for this work in a HUGE way. I am feeling the need to express some things that are coming to me one after another…like a parade of political(in the larger sense) issues. For a couple of years I avoided this work due to the fact that I can get so wrapped up in it that I neglect the other aspects of my life, including my spirit. Among all the other things, I feel that I am being shown how to not over commit and not spread myself too thin. At least once a week I am shown another project I could potentially get involved in and I have been able to…for the first time in my career…keep a sense of what fits and what doesn’t in a very focused and specific way. It all leads to being here at WYSE, in whatever capacity. If I don’t get the job I can see myself on the board of directors.

I spoke to a board member yesterday a couple of times. She has been a great support over here. She and I “get” each other and she told me this last evening: “I want you to know that you are doing a very good job and it is appreciated. Don’t think it goes unnoticed.” I told her I am having fun and she said, “Yes. That shows through very strongly.”

That really made me feel good. I always hope that my passion and love for this work comes across.

My life is so full of amazing opportunities right now and I don’t want to take any of it for granted. Once again I thank Spirit for my blessings and the lessons of each day.

The intesity of this and some others things that have come up today are bringing out some emotion. Tears are very cleansing and healthy. I went for a walk a bit ago and now I am “on fire” with creative energy to make Sunday’s luncheon spectacular.

I ordered 13 tables, 13 tableclothes and 13 centerpieces.

Can you say 4? Come ‘on ya’ll.

Today’s activity is brought to you by  the number 4.

oooo…i just had an idear. I wonder if there are some cool decorations I can git on Los Angeles Street for Sunday?

*popping back out*

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    Always nice to be told your appreciated. Makes the grind more tolerable.

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