This site is always so on the spot and timely. Seeing as what I do for a living and what I consider my life purpose if all about “giving back”, this is quite apropo.

Today’s goal: get everything for the fundraiser all laid out in front of me like a schematic. I need to be able to SEE that every piece is ready.

Serving Positive Energy
Cancer Daily Horoscope

You could feel stable and secure today, especially where financial matters are concerned. This feeling of security could lead you to travel for pleasure or seek out enjoyable activities closer to home. You might feel a desire to give back to society by donating to charitable organizations. You could also want to explore mentoring opportunities in your local community or check in with friends and loved ones to see if they need assistance. By being aware today of the people you encounter and their circumstances, you will notice that there are many opportunities to be of service, whether you are sharing your time, knowledge, or financial resources.

Seeking opportunities to serve others sets positive energy in motion that will be returned to you in the forms of increased abundance and joy. While most of us do what we can to help others, we might not always make it a conscious focus. Choosing to seek out opportunities to give back to society affirms to the universe that we care about the welfare of others, and we are willing to focus our time and energy on being of service. This selflessness sends out positive energy that blesses the people around us and brings more abundance into their lives. At the same time, this energy will come full circle and be returned to us in the form of increased abundance in our lives. Consciously seeking ways to serve others today will invite the universe to bless you too.

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