kataish brought up a very good ppint in a recent post. What if you are seriously injured or die…how will people find out? Who is your families contact in the city you live in? What is the phone chain should there be a natural disaster? Who needs to be there in the hospital with you to give the a-ok to the docs for medications, life support, etc.? Holy crap.

Not only do I need a living will…for various reasons(I have a child)…but I need a health care proxy, a temporary shelter/guardian for my son, a person who will contact my mother should something happen. Heck! A person who will contact me if something happens. 🙁


And WHO the heck is going to send an email to my email list? AND who should I give all my passwords to so they can delete all the stuff I have online and let my internet “community” of friends know?


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