Taty is about to become the proud momy of two really sweet, really cute black and white kittens. They are about 3 mos. old now. A close friend has been feeding them for a couple of months. They are strays.

We will have to get them fixed and shots and tests and all that, but soon they will be mine. *bwahahahahahahahahaha*

*digging for kitty stew recipe*


We have a resident cat at home, so I have done some research on introducing new cats into a home.

Dang…I need a new litter box, kitty dishes, toys, food….eep!

I have not had my own kitty since I moved to LA 7 years ago and my mom…and then her neighbor…adopted my Portia.

I’m very excited!

EDIT: My mom just got a new kitten. We named her Shenanigans. *giggle* She is a trouble maker!!

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  1. WOOT for the new kitties. Congratulations, mama! 😀

  2. disneyphile says:


    This is how I’ve done it both times:

    1) Make sure all claws are trimmed on all cats.
    2) Just release ’em in the house.
    3) It’ll take a few days of growling, hissing, a bit of fur flying, etc., but it will soon settle.
    4) Enjoy your new integrated kitty household.

    Seriously – I never did all of the “step” methods that are “recommended”. And, the “kids” and adapted just fine. 🙂

    • B.E.M. says:

      Re: Introductions


      Well, thanks. Sandi’s(Linda’s cat) claws MUST be trimmed! She has knives on those paws. EEK!

      The kittens will be fixed, shot and groomed for arrival. I am sure.

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