My son was going to a friend’s house. He realized the last bus back was in 4 hours. So…he asked to ride the bike, I said NO 4 times then I got pissed off.

He alsmot got up the nerve to take it anyway.

Dammit. I let him use it last night to get himself Taco bell, and now he wants to use it to go 6 miles from home.

PLUS, he wants to go to the hosue of his only friend I do not care for.

NO WAY!!!!

He is not very good at defying me…yet…that works in my favor. I can think of lots of teens who woudl have taken the bike and said F’ you.

He’s now in his room *pouting* aka watching Kung Fu movies.

I just calmly reminded him of the reasons he can’t use the bike and I am leaving this alone. I also told him not to get that flippin’, “I’m gonna do it ayway” attitude with me again.



  1. Oh my God having kids must be a mind-blowing experience. I would have such a hard time letting them do anything that could be remotely dangerous.

    • B.E.M. says:

      I am not over protective…he has just been irresponsible with bike’s in the past.

      We ended up cleaning and organizaing the garage today. I am glad he stayed home. I would ahve pooped out hours ago by myself.

      • Oh no I didn’t mean to imply you were being over protective. You come across as a very well balanced mother. I just worry that, when the time comes for me and I have kids, I’ll be over-protective. Actually I’m pretty sure I will. 🙂

        You’re inspiring me to spring clean. There is much that needs doing around my place, thats for sure.

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