Message to my mother:

Thank you for seeing and reminding me that my work with WYSE IS part of my life’s work and my relationship to my “sisters”. Thank you for knowing my soul so well and having nourished it and continuing to do so. I LOVE YOU MOM!

My mom sent me a “Call of the Goddess”card….this text from the cardback explains the cards artwork. 

Dragonseed: Within our hearts we carry a seed, planted before our birth by the Goddess. If we nourish the seed with gentle strength and selfless love, we call forth the power of Mother, symbolized by the dragon. Love of one’s place in the universal cycle, respect, and ackowledgement of interconnectedness of all life forms is the fruit born of this Goddess-planted seed.


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7 Comments on Easter, Beltane, Ostara, May Day, Spring Card to Me from My Mom

  1. kataish says:

    pics not showing up hun. i don’t know why but for me, anytime you post a pic, i can’t see it. its always a red x 🙁

  2. B.E.M. says:

    It can only be viewed in Explorer. Do you use Firefox? I do. I can only view pics I post in EX…I am a free account right now…so no uploads for me. no cash on my prepaid credit card. bah..

    The Red X is wierd though. hmmm

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