I have a very close friend…female…who has pre cognitive dreams. Her dreams tend to be “if the current circumstances go forward this is the ideal outcome”. Meaning…as long as there are no natural disasters or no one has a break down…this could be the future…pretty specific dreams she has too.

She told me she had a dream of something in my life…her dream “scares” me…but in a good way.


I have had a similar vision to her dream…but I don’t trust myself all the time.

If you are reading this….

Do you have “visions”?

Pre-cognitive dreams?

Do any of them come to pass?

I sometimes have had pre cognitive dreams but since I dfon’t keep a dream journal…I should huh?…sinbce I don’t…I have these strange de ja vu multiplied by 50 things happen where I recall the actual dream of what is taking place months later.

ok…back to your regularly scheduled programming….

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