‘Cuz you did it…. ravyne_hawke

A – Available?: depends on who you ask *ahem*…not really
A – Age?: 37
A – Annoyance? Intolerant linear thinkers

B – Boyfriend’s name? um…well…boyfriend? Let’s see…hmmm *beating around the bush*  my closest friend who is a boy=V
B – Birthday?: July 17, 1968

C – Crush?: He who shall not be named…here.
C – Car?: Green Jeep Cherokee 1992
C – Cat?: Roomie’s cat is Sandi. I want my own kitties. 🙁

D – Do You Have Pets?: redundant? no……

E – Easiest person to talk to? my mother…V a close second
E – Eggs?: YUM
E – Email?: addicted

F – Favorite color?: Purple
F – Food?: anything chocolate

G – Gummy Bears or Worms?: Bears
G – God?: Spirit
G – Good Time?: Friday afternoon.

H – Hair Color?: very dark brownish w/ grey
H – Height?: 5’8″
H – Happy?: quite. thank you.

I – Ice Cream?: chocolate
I – Instrument?: nope
I – Idol?: hmm… mom

J – Jewelry?: silver
J – Job?: Executive Director at www.wyse.org
J – Joke?: Inside….Your Tong Fu is Good, but Mine is Bad-er *snicker*

K – Kids?: Julian 15yrs. old
K – Karate?: naw. Capoeira!!!!
K – Kite?: love ’em

L – Longest Car Ride: Spfld, MA to LA, CA.
L – Longest Relationship: hmm.. over 7 yrs…sorta
L – Last Person you spoke to on the phone: my son

M – Milk Flavor: cow?
M – Movie Last Watched: City of God

N – Number of Siblings: 2 full*, 3 step, 2 half…*1 who has passed on
N – Northern or Southern: Northern
N – Name: Taty…T….Mom…Tanya…Tatyanna

O – ONE Wish?: My ONE wish is confidential.
O – One Phobia?: swimming in the ocean
O – One goal: fullfill my life’s work

P – Parents, are they married or divorced: divorced
P – Part of your appearance you like best: eyes
P – Part of your personality you like best: open mind

Q – Quote: “Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.” Buddha
Q – Quick or Slow?: um…slow…quick…slow…

R – Reason to smile: His smile.
R – Reality TV Show: no particularly fond of any
R – Right or Left: Right!

S – Song Last Heard: “You’ve got a Friend” Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway
S – Season: Fall…I miss it
S – Sex: Female…oh…erm…I’m too shy…*roflmao*…seriously…*coy look*

T – Time you woke up: 6AM…then 10AM…
T – Time Now: 11:04AM
T – Time for bed: 10PMish

U – Unknown Facts about me: I dislike toe hair
U – Unicorns?: would like to ride one…
U – U are……?: R…S…T…U…  backward

V – Vegetable you hate: lima beans
V – Vegetable you love: corn!
V – View on Politics: Progressive!!!! 

W- Worst Habits: surpressing my feelings
W- What do you wanna be when you grow up: world traveler
W- Where are you traveling to next?: Santa Barbara and/or San Francisco

X – X-Rays: mamogram
X – X-Rated Porn: not for a long time
X – X-Files: Cool.

Y – Year you were born: 1968
Y – Year it is now: 2006
Y – Yellow?: spot where the cat pee’d

Z – Zoo Animal: flamingo
Z – Zodiac: Sun in Cancer, Moon in Taurus, Aries Rising
Z – Zeal towards: Learning!


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