You may ask…what kind of drugs did Taty take this morning? None!

I am a Peace Mongerer and proud of it. I have long been an advocate for Violence Prevention and have worked in gang prevention programs and I will continue to work to teach people that compassion CAN end aggression. I know..what a concept huh?

I will never forget being told that if I posted a quote about Compassion(Buddha) for one’s enemies on my car window just after Sept. 11th that I was risking being beat up or killed. WTF is THAT all about?


The homicide rate in 2004 in Cyprus was 2666 people. The population of Cyprus is only just around 1,000,000.

The homicide rate in Hollland was 202 in 2003. The population is about 16,491,461. Most murders in Holland are stabbings.

hmmm..that last time a comparative survey was done is 1994. Think this should be updated already?

Found a page that lists Masacres/Genocides on WikiPedia. It actually lists Mass killings of Native American’s in the U.S.


And now for something completely different: CODE PINK WOMEN 4 PEACE


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  1. Wow that website is really scary. The exile poll is disgusting, it’s amazing what type of propaganda you can find on the internet!

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