Evan Burdette

13 years old

My Father Was A Soldier

In one soldier there is a simple song,
a song about love, a song about hate.
One day this song will demonstrate,
how one voice, above all others
will stand strong and follow his heart.
He sings a song, a sweet sweet song
of how peace will shine brighter than war,
and some day, WAR WILL END.
My father was this soldier

What is a War?

  What is a war?
An ongoing battle between two cultures,
or more so, two people?
   Why should people die because a man does not think the other is a good leader?
   When a gang member is shot, the shooter is shot.
   Notice some similarities?
   So why are they in jail for the same crime committed every day by soldiers?
   What is a soldier?
   A man, torn from his home to fight a battle between two leaders?
   Why must we fight?
   Why must we die because one man does not like another?

Steven Siegelski

13 years old


  War has thrown and torn man’s trust
It floods our rooms with deep blue tears
The change is up to us
Streets are filled with blood
Crowded with lost souls
I ask you, what is the goal?
Let’s focus on that simple glance
And give that Dreadful word peace
One more chance

Gabriel Deckert

13 years old

Am I…

I am a boy, who feels the burning shackles of greed should be cast off,

I wonder how long this race stretched so thin and bare will last,
I hear the sharp screams and whispering tears of the oppressed peoples,
I see the senseless destruction of war,
I want a stop to the cold-blooded killing,
I am a boy, who believes the white hot daggers of hate should be left and forgotten.

I pretend everyone still has a reason to live,
I feel the last breath of every “collateral damage,”
I touch the deepest pain of our wounded Earth,
I worry not enough people care,
I cry in disgust and anguish, doubting what is left of the hope is sufficient,
I am a boy, who feels the cold triggers of death should be broken.

I understand the path we have chosen,
I say we can still find our way back to the true pass,
I dream our feet will stay locked onto the trail,
I try to believe it is possible,
I hope we can still find our way back to the path,
I am a boy, who believes the warm breath of life should be embraced.

Me in Charge

If I were in charge of the world,
I would abolish the dark evils of war, the disgusting stupidity of hate crimes, the creeping greed of overpopulation, the stringy grasp of suicide, the heavy irons of slavery, the cold steels of hate, and most of all the staggering weight of greed.

If I were in charge of the world,
There would be alternate sources of energy, a more functioning society, a more truthful media,
And we would be citizens of the world not of countries.

If I were in charge of the world,
You wouldn’t have the hypnotic pulse of commercialism pounding you at every turn and step,
You wouldn’t have the cold shock of endless destruction,
You wouldn’t have the tight bindings of corporate greed,
You wouldn’t even have the darkness of slayings.

If I were in charge of the world,
No one would feel the dull pangs of hunger,
No one would posses the putrid boils of envy,
Everyone would feel the warm acceptance of love,
And a person who sometimes doubts and sometimes goes without
Would still be able to be in charge of the world.  

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  1. ravyne_hawke says:

    WoW! Powerful poems from such younglings! I see some future peaceniks making big changes in the world through their poetic voices!

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