Do you have psychic links or connections with anyone in your life?

If so…is this a friend, foe, lover, child, parent?

How long have you know them?

When did you first realize you were linked in this way?

How does your link manifest? Physically? Mentally? Spiritually?

How has this link be useful/helpful?

How has this link gotten in the way?

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5 Comments on Psychic Connections

  1. When my close friends have problems, big problems, I hear them call my name. Like from out of a crowd. I know their voice, so I look around, but of course, they are not there. When I phone them, they knew I was going to phone and there is a problem.

    I first noticed it when my friend’s father died. I was 15 at the time. I guess it had been there before, but I just never paid attention. I had known this particular friend since I was 13.

    When my mother died, on the night before her funeral, we stayed at her house. We slept in her bed. We, and others, had been convinced that my mother was still in the house. When we put our son to bed, the door between the bedroom and the lounge kept sliding open. Finally I said “Mum, he’s warm enough in the bedroom. He doesn’t need the door open.”, and the door stopped moving.

    Later when we got into bed, I was pretty upset. I felt something brush my forehead and I heard my mother say “It’s ok.” When we got up in the morning, we couldn’t feel her anymore.

  2. I had links to one of my best male friends a number of years ago…it’s faded considerably since then…probably him choking me in a fit of rage had something to do with that. I wasn’t exactly friendly with him anymore despite his apologies.

  3. marklar_ says:

    Although I’m very open to psychic phenomena, I have had very few psychic occurrences.
    I wish I had more psychic ability.

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