We woke up leisurely on Friday morning and had lots of coffee, strawberry yogurt smoothies and time to chill out before our 10am taxi ride to LAX.

Smooth trip to JFK on Song. There was this great “safety recording” that was done in SOUL style by this man (actor) with a really deep voice. It was nearly pornographic and made us laugh a lot.

I was sitting next to a woman who turned out to be an artist manager for another woman on the plane. By the end of the trip she asked me to listen to this artist’s music on her iPOD (now I want one) and give her my honest opinion. The reason she asked me is due to my musical tastes which she saw by which songs I chose on my entertainment panel at my seat. Linda K. was the singer. Just signed with the CEO of Universal. They are working with India Arie’s band and Mariah Carey’s Music Box producer. Linda is a classically trained singer and has done opera in the past. Her vocal quality is like a white Alicia Keys. Her voice made the hairs on my arms stand up.

I was not at all surprised to hear that her favorite singers/artists are Donny Hathaway, India Arie and Mi-Shell N’Degeochello. They happen to be three of my favorites as well…especially India and Me’Shell. Linda is a white chick, btw…with a LOT of soul. She is Hungarian.

We arrived at the home of the women who we were to stay with at about 11PM. We took the subway into the city and it was Tammy’s first subway ride. Went smoothly and we arrived on 94th and Broadway unscathed. We got Pastrami sandwiches at a 24 hr. Deli(NYC rules) and went up to L & P’s place.

As I briefly mentioned before I left, we had a bit of a freak out over finding a place to stay. I had asked friends and family and nothing came through. Last Weds. I finally got desperate but headed my horoscope that said…you will make do something frivolous, but it juts might work…heh heh IT DID WORK!

I posted to the “NYC” group on Tribe.net, where I have an account. This woman from an organization called PURE http://www.puredance.org/. Darshan, the woman who responded (only one) could not accommodate us, but put the word out to the PURE email list. L responded. D emailed me L’s phone numbers and I called L on Thursday…yes…one day before our arrival in NYC. L and I hit it off and she gave me her address and directions via subway to her place. A comfy sofa bed was ready and waiting when we arrived! No really…it WAS actually comfortable. We both commented on that.

We stayed up until 1:30Am chatting with our hostesses. L and P and L’s mom. What wonderful women they all are! Wow! We all hit it of swimmingly and had a great time. L’s mom’s husband (love of her life) was a jazz pianist. What great stories she has to tell. We REALLY connected. She was in my head.

T and I also interacted with the resident spirits of the apartment and I had a run in with the spirit of the second floor. One spirit moved right through my body in the dining room. Almost knocked me over. Nothing nefarious. All very welcoming.

One of the people I tried to reach for a place to stay was my friend Diane. She is an old friend of my fathers, but is closer with my sister and myself. Diane and I played phone tag on Weds. and Thursday. She finally reached me on my cell on Friday morning. I told her we found a place to stay and that I would figure out the timing and call her when I arrived that night to plan to see her, if we could.

Get this! It turned out that we did not have to be at the FIGHTHOUSE until 11AM, and it was only a 20 minute train ride (gotta love NYC public transportation) so we could have breakfast with Diane. Diane invited us to her house…and here is the amazing part. OK…we all know that NYC is HUGE…vast even. The total strangers we needed up getting to stay with live…are you sitting down? 6 BLOCKS FROM MY FRIEND DIANE. YEP…you read it right….6 blocks. They are at Broadway and 92nd and she is at Broadway and 87th. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! hehe Gotta love it when Spirit is taking care of you. I AM GRATEFUL!

We had a nice home cooked breakfast and I got caught up with Diane. T really liked Diane, as I knew she would. Diane is a black woman who is married to an Italian college professor. They are really neat people and they have a son who is about to graduate from college at Wesleyan. Diane has known me since I was a child. Diane and Paolo own a brownstone and it has 6 apartments. They live on 3 floors of the building. Her place is great and T really liked it. T seems to have taste like mine. Victorian era architecture. Not much of that here in the LA area. I grew up with that type of home. I love it!

We headed down to Chelsea at 10:30 and arrived at the Fighthouse quick as a flash!

I won’t bore you with ALL of the details about the day at the MAP event…but Tammy had fun, I met Sifu Manuel and talked to him about Kung Fu styles for my son, I decided that I want to do capoeira(I have felt this for years and years but never done it), and we made raised $600. That does not seem like a lot, but the networking and momentum made it worthwhile. Many of the martial artists were every very generous with donations for the silent auction and even just plain cash and checks! Check out MAP HERE.

The reason I decided to do Capoeira is this: The day was over and we cleaning up and getting ready to leave. These three people, two women and man, arrived for a class. One of the women kept speaking to me in my head. She said, “C’mon, you know you want to ask about my dance background and how long it takes to learn Capoeira. I was intrigued and we watched them for a few minutes. I think I am going to start taking that art and T thinks it is just right for me. Endurance, strength and flexibility are my goals…oh yah…and having fun too! đŸ™‚

We were going to eat at Jekyll & Hyde, but T was not feeling well, so we went back uptown to L &P’s place. We walked in on a “30 Minute Dinner” being cooked by Liz (food network show) and a homemade Bread Pudding being made by P. P is a master baker. mmm yummy! UNBELIEVABLE. Dinner was a veal pasta sauce and a Sicilian salad. We had a really nice red table wine by Juno. The Bread Pudding was out of this world and we had ice cream and a blackberry sauce that P had made up for the French toast they had for breakfast. The Blackberry sauce brought the desert over the edge to Nirvana. I toasted to the women we had met and to Mother Earth bringing us all together and to their wonderful generosity and hospitality. We all laughed and cried through dinner and some Tarot readings and slept well.

Our trip back was not quite as planned. I set my cell phone alarm for 5am, and it went off at 5am. We got dressed and went out to the bus stop. My cell phone said 5:45 when the bus came. We were on our way! And then…the day took a turn…

The machines at the Airport Bus kiosk were all broken, save one. It took my $10 then spit out all the other bills. The JFK bus was leaving and they would not take cash. They left us. We took a cab to JFK. There was an accident on the expressway, so we were going to be late. Why? Because as soon as we got into the cab I looked at the time and it was 7:07. How that happened still baffles me. Did we go through some sort of time warp? Did T-Mobile’s satellite get hit with space debris and “forget” to switch to DST? Is it a vast right wing conspiracy? I have no idea!

It was clear right away that this was all happening for some reason and we both resigned to just got with the flow. We are pretty easygoing.

We arrived at the airport at twenty to 8. Last call was at 7:30. We missed the flight. While back in the taxi I had called Song/Delta to re-confirm on the next flight. She(not very nicely) explained that since D, the woman who bought our tickets, used Priceline we could ONLY do same day confirmation and that we had to wait until 3 hours before the 4:59 flight to do so. We settled ourselves over at the International Terminal (because the food is better) and ate and napped.

When I called Delta at 1:59PM I was told, by the very nice woman on the phone, that we could NOT do same day confirmation or anything else with a Priceline ticket and that I could call Priceline but she already knew we had lost our tickets and had to buy new ones. I almost burst right there on the cement bench opposite Au Bon Pain.

Tammy was off making a call and when she came back I had to tell her. We both sorta freaked out for a few minutes then we both went into plan B mode. We were essentially stranded in JFK. We could go back into the city and had an option of a place to stay (with my friend on 87th st.), we had $300 cash from the fundraiser (along with checks) so we could take Amtrak for $144 each/one-way…it would take 3 or 4 days, or we could fly to Cancun and “work” for the fair to LA for a few days. We got silly because we were so freaked out at this point. A gift of free tickets was nothing we wanted to spit on, but I was uncomfortable about the Priceline thing from the get go and now I know why.

We used the fundraiser money and Tammy will have to pay herself back from the FOCUS account. We got two one way tickets on JetBlue for $718.60. We flew out of JFK at 6:25PM, having arrived there at 7:40AM.

All along we kept our wits about us and used humor to stay calm and cool. We kept reminding ourselves that there was a reason for this and we are convinced of that. We had to fly into Long Beach instead of LAX, so I contacted my friend Melody and she picked us up. I volunteer as a grant writer/operations manager for Melody’s project to save San Juan Capistrano Hot Springs…she is writing a book to raise funds to preserve the land and sacred spaces there…so she was happy to help us.

We arrived at my house at about 11:30 and Tammy drove home to Burbank totally exhausted and anxious to see her boyfriend.

So, there you have it. And adventure to say the least. I am fairly mentally drained and thank the Goddess that today is my day off.

I am going to go pray and then ddo a water meditation. My eyes are telling me to get away from this machine. I am seeing blurryness.

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