It’s raining pretty hard here. Puddles all over the place. It’s not too cold…but I was really craving some hot soup for lunch today. I had to wander a block or so to find a place that MIGHT have hot soup. I FOUND ONE!

It’s a fast food Chinese place…I order a CHEAP item w/ rice then I asked about Egg Drop Soup.

It was more expensive then the rice and such, but then I got to watch the cook make my FRESH egg drop soup right before my eyes. Zucchini, egg, carrot, green onion, chicken bullion, etc…

This is teh BEST egg drop soup I have EVER had!


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3 Comments on Nothing like FRESH Soup

  1. Soup sounds yummy right now. It is rainy here today also. Blech on rain. Hopefully it will be a sunny day tommorrow! 🙂

    • B.E.M. says:

      weather says rain here tomorrow. I grew up in Massachusetts, so I actually like rain…but not when my jeans get all wet in some puddle. *drip*

  2. I LOVE egg drop soup. *tummy growling* lol!

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