Seems the time has come for me to be careful of my committments and not put aside my desires or needs because I have committed to helping others reach their goals.

I have two projects I am still volunteering for…as one because a paid job…and I need to fogure out what role I can play in each without feeling overwhelmed.

I am actually considering applying for the WYSE ED position which would mean that I would become a salaried emplyee and my hours would be guided by the work…not vs./vs.

I think I can keep my two volunteer committments and not get too stressed, but I already know that I need to be clear about my time committments.

I also have a son to raise and a life to live.

I have a terminal case of volunteer addiction. I have been volunteering since I was 12 years old and J.P. and I signed up to visit the elderly at a nursing home. It feeds me…yet, so does my “life’s work”…the paid stuff. It all feeds me and informs who I am.

I guess the cruz is…how does ALL of this fit my personal goals and where do I see myself in two or three years.

I have some pondering to do. I need to talk to a couple of god friends and an advisor…

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  1. I’m 99.9% sure you’ll find a comfortable balance between work/play/family. I have that confidence in you. 😀

  2. Things will settle and balance out. You will see! 🙂

  3. Smart ass comment

    First, best of luck in sorting out the working, volunteering, and playing. I’m a Geek working in the tech industry, so often times have difficulty sorting work from play myself.

    And now:
    “I have some pondering to do. I need to talk to a couple of god friends and an advisor…”

    Now see, I should’ve known this would happen while reading a Pagan journal. Friends who are Gods, WAY COOL. I personally say, to Hell with the advisor, go with what the Gods tell you, but that’s just me.


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