I am inspired and full of joy that one of the teens who worked for me almost 8 years ago back in my hometown now wants to start her own non profit. She was inspired…and well, just read this.

I am overjoyed! and SO proud!

Powerful stuff!


Of course Tanya….U definitely would be a board member, honorary, because guess what?? The inspiration did come from early influences…I’m involved in entertainment,literary, media,marketing…so the main Company (sole prop at this point since it’s nothing big yet) But it’s
RVz: Random VizionZ 
“Let there be Light! Shine Light on any Random Vizion.  Let them see clearer not just see, that any RVz, can become reality.  Let there be Light!”
So the non-profit I would want to call: Random Vizionz Now
Like yeah these are RVz but since they involve community/social justice/ empowerment, life in general, they need to be done and addressed NOW..not later
So right now working with different artists including myself and dealing mostly with RVZ: Publishing & Entertainment sides…But RVz Now, I think about it all the time because it connects with everything else….And when I was thinking of joining Americorps even there I saw they had some grants and volunteer opportunities to help non profits…
So it’s like instead of volunteering for them, maybe I need to collaborate with whoever and start something up…I always remember u telling me that day in the park at the health fair, that you wrote a grant and if it got funded you would be hiring people…And we both know how that story went….smile
God bless!

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  1. That’s wonderful! *grinning* Reminds me of some of my students…they grew into quite enthusiastic readers. It’s the small accomplishments that feel so good. 🙂

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