March 22, 2006
Loving From Within
Cancer Daily Horoscope You could feel apprehensive today, especially regarding relationships. Perhaps you feel you aren’t getting the emotional support you need or you might be fearful about opening yourself to the possibility of rejection. It could benefit you to realize that your worrisome thoughts are the culprits causing your anxiety. If you can relax and enjoy your relationships, you will lend positive energy to their growth. Rather than trying to shield your heart against rejection or pain, you can focus on loving yourself first and allowing others to love you too. You might also take a few moments to affirm that you welcome the formation of healthy relationships in your life today. This will help you feel more confident and purposeful about the direction your relationships may be moving in and heal any issues that might be holding you back.

Affirming our self-worth and forming a strong relationship with our inner selves can have a positive effect on our relationships with others. When we feel that something is lacking in our relationships, this usually indicates a corresponding lack within us. A fear of rejection might indicate that we feel we are not worthy enough to be loved by another. If we can learn to turn inward and work through our issues, we will be able to connect more deeply in our relationships. By turning your attention on yourself so you can work through your worries today, you will be allowing your relationships to enter a new phase of growth.

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  1. So you are cancer too eh? πŸ™‚ This is fate.

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