13 of the things I do around the house that are either strange or normal, but surely annoying to someone…

1. I could buy a “tea cozy” to put my teabags on, but I don’t have one and I always drip trea on the outside of the trash basket.

2. I rinse my dishes but don’t load the dishwahser as I go along. NOONE in the house does. why not? um..cuz we never unload it either. heh

3. I bake a lot and leave half messes…like flower on a cutting board with scarps of “resting” filo dough. But…I often forget it is there and fall asleep.

4. I spill food, paintbrush water and coffee on my rug next to my desk ALL THE TIME.

5. I sometimes eat fluff with a spoon out of the jar. Note: It is MY fluff.

6. I am on the computer very early and very late and the tapping of the keys is sometimes bothersome to others. sorry…

7. I sometimes forget to turn the heat down at night. It’s scorching in here when we all wake up. Bedrooms on second floor+ heat on all night= ovens.

8. I forget trash day every other week. But, we actually don’t have that much trash each week.

9. I like to warm up the bathroom when I am about to shower. I KNOW this wastes many gallons of water and WE pay the water bill.

10. I don’t keep my spice cabinet organized. I JUST organized it today sinec I bought 13 more spices on Monday!

11. I almost never clean the fridge. sticky….

12. I bring in…and buy…fresh flowers a lot…but I don’t always throw them away as soon as they die. Maybe I LIKE the look of dead flowers? hmmm

13. I drag my feet when I have slippers on.

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