Must reach inside and pull from a deeper place.
Moved to action yet fearful of the possibilities.
Possibilities always in there, hiding under an opaque sheet.
Veiled so that sometimes even I don’t see them.

If I reach inside an pull from that deeper place…
Lay things out on my path to walk towards…
Living my hopes and dreams.
Will I be able to keep up with myself?

As I start pulling from that deeper place.
Trains gonna start moving much faster.
Been running next to the train for a long time now.
Gotta get a firm grip on that caboose and work my way up to the engine.


This meal has many courses.
Serve me one at a time please
It’s rich, sweet and very filling.
Better chew before I swallow.


Wonder if you really know how I feel
Showing me bits and pieces of your soul
The rythms moving through my heart and body
Flowing like rivers…deep as oceans

In a flash I noticed you and recognized who you are
Hardly able to look at you… the light so bright
Scared to move closer to the heat of the smoldering fire
Magical embrace… connecting like puzzle pieces

Amplified and inspired by your mind…spirit and heart
Finding myself within you…a mirror
Sharing the pain and pleasures within
Longing to heal wounds and pour in love

Self assured and unsure like blinking an eye
Grounded to roots like never before
While floating above myself on moonbeams
Wonder if I really know how I feel


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