I just woke up and decided to watch network news, which I only do about once a month. The first thing I saw was that Dana Reeve, Christopher Reeve’s wife, has passed on due to Lung Cancer.

This is a very sad thing for many reasons:

She and Christopher has a very unique special love affair which was only stregnthened after his injury.

She was an amazingly strong and resilient woman who gave and gave and gave once again…and then when she was tired and sick, she gave some more.

She has left behind their son Will who is only 13. I think that part is what gets me the deepest.

As a mom of a 15 year old, you don’t eeven imagine your child having to move forward in the world without BOTH parents.

He seems to be a well balanced and compassionate kid. He has won awards for his poetry. I’d like to read his poems.

I wish blessings and peace for Dana as she crosses over to run into the arms of her great love, Christopher. May they reunite and bring eachother comfort.

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