For a variety of reasons I am in a MOOD this afternoon.

Work is going soft and easy. That’s fine.

I am annoyed at myself for misunderstanding something my mom said to me. She is right, mothers and daughters who value eachothers opinions often see a “perceived underlying emotional message” in what eachother says.

I am annoyed at myself for trusting people who have proven themeselves unworthy…even if my minor trust was created out of desperation on my part. I will still kick myself the rest of the day…but not hard.

I am not pleased with my spiritual and emotional instability this week. But, I will work this through.

Ok..back to work…just needed to vent.

EDIT: I am feeling the need to bite my tongue and stay my typing fingers(2)in order to NOT add fuel to any fires or start any boulders rolling. There will mostly likely be a lot of…”yup”…”uh huh”…”good point”…I see” type of talk coming from me this week. It just the vibes I am picking up. When I find myself tempted to say things in LJ or in group emails that I feel would be passive agressive, it’s time to back up and slow down a bit. Yup. That’s what I think. Uh Huh. Good point?

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  1. Vent all you like!

    Sometimes we all just need to.


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