HERE about my life like I used to is, I don’t find myself talking to myself as much as I used to. I have people in my life who I actually get to talk to and who “get” me. It’s really nice. It’s quite a change and it has been a long time since my life was supplying my brain with the food it needs to survive. I am being well fed!

So, yah, for now that means most of my posts here have been things I want to make note of for future reference or some memory that is brought up by a feeling or a discussion or an event in daily life.

I think that one thing I may write about on here is what it is like to go from an unemployed “full time volunteer” straight back into the work world as an Executive Director of a National Youth Org. Ya…that’ll provide plenty food for thought.

I think I’ll start by saying that I have an awful lot of ironing to do this coming weekend. I start Monday!!!!

I can essentially dress casual if I want to, as the WYSE National Resource Office is an office staffed by one(E.D.) with few interns part time ONLY. But, I will FEEL more professional and able to focus if I dress the “part”.

Anyway…my idea of dressing the part is some vintage silk 40’s dress with my embroidered jean jacket. I ain’t a suit kinda girl…although I own suit like stuff for important meetings.

I’ll end my first…”I wanna be an Interim Director when I grow up” post by saying…  Can someone make another pot of coffee? Don’t we have a girl for that? ugh! *LMAO*

hey! At least I amuse ME.

NOTE: I am CURRENTLY obsessed with the jammin’ blues guitar of Deborah Coleman. SHE IS BAD ASS!


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  1. maschinoize says:

    I’m having an interesting time on the job-front, too…
    A friend and I were talking about so I decided to update my resume, there. The next day, this guy writes to me about a job I might be interested in. And at my friend’s prompting, as a joke, I quoted him a high salary figure – but dammit they went for it, and after 2 phone interviews, they seem even more interested.
    So I may be faced with the choice between:
    a) ultra-stable govt job with pension
    b) stable job (but maybe less stable than govt job) with higher pay (at least 20%), but only a matched 401k

    I guess the decision is dependent on how long I think I’ll live; the 401k being a finite amount of money and the pension being less finite. More money up front vs less money being spread over a longer period of time.

    • B.E.M. says:

      uhhhh….wowo! That IS pretty interesting….if not AMAZING!

      Just goes to prove that you can’t get what you WANT unless you ask. 🙂

      I wish you luck and wisdom in making that choice. WOW! They OBVIOUSLY know you are worth it. Maybe you could negoiate something that will help make the benies more equitable?

      • I agree…if they’re that interested, no sense in not trying to sweeten the deal for yourself…at least part-way.

        The nice thing about the 20% pay increase is that, if you’re living well enough on what you are making now, you could put away that extra 20% and invest it or build your own pension-plan. That’s quite a chunk of change!

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