February 23, 2006
Setting Fluid Goals
Cancer Daily Horoscope You may be in a serious mood and want to examine your goals today. Perhaps you are wondering how you can increase your potential for success. You might also feel like reconsidering previous decisions you’ve made to determine whether they suit your current goals. To gain a better sense of clarity about your long-term goals, you might want to set goals for each coming year. By asking yourself where you’d like to end up a year from now, you can determine the steps you need to take today to achieve your goals. Viewing your plans as fluid and changeable, rather than cast in stone, can also be helpful. As you grow and your life changes, your long-term goals will also evolve. You won’t feel hesitant about the decisions you make today if you remember that you can always revise your plans.

By understanding the fluid nature of setting goals, we can develop the confidence and adaptability we need to make flexible plans. Many of us tend to hesitate on making long-term plans because we are afraid we’ll make a wrong decision and be locked into the consequences forever. While no decision is completely irreversible, we can keep moving forward by revising our plans as necessary. Remember that a plan is just one possible route toward the achievement of a goal. By adopting a flexible, adaptable mind-set when planning your long-term goals today, you can ensure the creation of a strategy that is fluid and can change as needed.

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