I have always had VERY broad musical tastes. I was into a lot of different types of music from ages 19-25, but this was what I liked to dance to, besides hip hop, at the time. All college radio ONLY. Mostly recorded in NYC and Miami.

I was going to clubs 4 times a week from about 22-24 and let me just say that I had me a gooooood time on that dance floor and off.

In the 80’s and early 90’s I was REALLY into dance music aka Latin Freestyle. I wanna make a list here so I can make sure I remember them. I already downloaded ALL these songs and have been dancing my tushie off in my room!!

I have sooooooo many memories attached to this stuff. Damn I loved to dance back then. I still do actually. I don’t get to dance wildly all night long anymore….*sigh*

oh yah…I mostly dated and hung out with Puerto Ricans during this time.  My son is half P.R.

Love me Tonight— ooooooo the MEMORIES 1994  mmm     hmmm  I won’t Tell!!! *LOL*
 – Love Letter— I used to dance to this song a lot with my sons titi Marisol. She was TROUBLE!!!!
Change on me—On of my favorites to dance to
Endless Nights—THE FAVORITE!

In case you couldn’t guess, she was one of my favorites back then.

You KNOW what they say about people who are good dancers? uh…they get tired easily. duh!!!!
*dancing around the room*

CORO- an ex boyfriend of mine tried to steal my casette of this guy from my car one day. I stopped him and this turned into one of teh ONLY two fist fights I have ever had. Don’t worry…I left him bledding. I kicked his little weesle tush!!

Can’t let You Go
Where are You Tonight
Silent Morning

TKA- This group had so many really fun songs to dance to and the main singer had a sexy voice. SEE BELOW. He created k7….HOT!!!

– Maria—Drama on the dance floor?? Best Line: “And when I say your name, I swear I hear the wind blow”….mmmm…that’s nice.
Crying Over You—this sounds SOUNDS like my son’s dad is singing actually used to sing it.
Diamond Girl
-Sending all My Love—
2nd favorite!
-Tears may fall—
uh…love songish dance song
-Louder Than Love-
My favorite TKA song.
-Come get My Love

Johhny O uh…cute but fairly lame “artist”. hey! He made a few $$ though.

We can’t go on This Way– Terrible vocals but he was cute and fun to dance to
Fantasy Girl– Awful awful vocals…dance-able.

Stevie BMan he was goofy as heck…but made a ton of spending cash! They played him A LOT at the clubs. He was NOT teh best singer either. Vibrato and stuff.

I Wanna be the One—

blah blah…I’m getting lazy now…

Lizette Melendez- Together Foreveryah. um…”our” song. WHATEVER!!!! This was her ONLY hit. Hella funky beat!!

ooo…and there was always LA India…but she was a Latin crossover artists. Fantastic voice. Sang mostly in Spanish. You know you are HOT when they actually call you THE “your name here”…heh

That’s all I have in me…

Next…ever hear of K7? Twas a few guys from TKA…the lead singer I was takin’ ’bout above…heh Saw them in concert at a small jam packed hot smoky club once. I know my father reads this, but let’s just say that I would love to uh…get funky to this stuff…why? um…cuz it make me feel young and rough around the edges.

They are NOT Latin Freestyle…damn those guys were STEAMY….always had a thang for brown skinned fellas.

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