It’s pretty basic. Nothing NEW.

Sometimes, if you are paying attention, you will notice certain patterns in people’s behavior. Some stimulus will occur and be followed immediately by the same behavior/action from a person or persons.

Stimulus A always precedes Behavior X in person 1.

Stimulus B always precedes Action Q in person 2.

I have found that men are much more predictable in this way, but women obviously do this too. It’s just that we get bored, so we pick from a group of actions to respond with. Well, I should speak for myself. I am not a very predictable woman. I am very changeable. Some easily changeable men will do the same.

I know I have a limited number of reactions to certain stimulus.

It’s merely Cause and effect. A learned behavior. Like Pavlov’s dog salivating when the bell rings.

My advice? Don’t take it personally. The Action in question is a behavior that has been learned over many years and even a lifetime and may never be unlearned. It’s not about YOU. It’s about the stimulus in general.

Question is, can you change the stimulus and/or your simultaneous action in response to that stimulus (cuz you KNOW you have one) just enough to jolt that person out of the pattern. In the process jolting yourself out of your own pattern?

Yep. Of course you can…now that you are actually paying attention to what is REALLY going on behind the curtain.

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