Woman: Last month I thought I was in love with you. Now I realize I’m stupid.
Man: Stupid in love?
Woman: No. Just stupid.

–Union Square

Guy: What did he say after you told him we hooked up last night?
Girl: I said I was still in love with you and broke up with him before he could say anything. Did you tell your girlfriend yet?
Guy: Ha, ha! What do you think, I’m nuts?

–Osteria Del Sole, West 4th Street

Guy: Yo…if I had to choose between VD and a girlfriend…I’d choose VD.

–Virgin, Union Square

Overheard by: Angel

Guy #1: Valentine’s Day is so stupid. I’m going to boycott it, ’cause it’s so commercialized.
Guy #2: Yeah…and also you don’t have any girlfriends.

–N train

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