Well dang!

For the 1st time in almost a week and a half, I did my daily meditations(posted) this morning over and over and over in the  shower…of course…and listened to some uplifting tunes/poetry and let’s just say that my entire attitude and mood turned around IMMEDIATELY!

Then I walked to the bus and as it pulled up I was thinking of something clever to say to the bus driver about how they can always stop right in front of you…and who was it but Rev. PEACE!

I had lost his number..in fact the whole notebook I wrote it is has disapeared!

We talked the whole way to downtown LA! It was fantastic! What a great guy!

um…he is the bus driver who spoke to me about a grant writing job back in Dec.

All I can say is THANK YOU!

I’ll be making that official at the break-o-dawn!


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  1. ravyne_hawke says:

    Don’t ya just love it when the Great Cosmic Universe takes care of its own *smiles* Ask and you shall receive! *huggles ya*

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