Be careful what you ask for. You WILL get it. I am being reminded that I craete my own reality and I have been sitting here over thinking everything in my life, and it’s been bringing me down. And that is crazy! Especially since I have so much to be thankful for. I almost forgot. That’s what happens when we try to take control because of fear or confusion. What I NEED is to be clear, less confused and just be.

I am grateful, even for my tears.

India Arie – Healing

I release all  disappointment
From my mental, physical, spiritual and emotional bodies
Cause I know that Spirit guides me
And love lives inside me
That’s why today I take life as it comes

India Arie – Gratitude

Thankful for relaxation, complication, hibernation and iritation
Seclusion, confusion, all of my impurity and insecurity
Cause I know it's Spirit just perfecting me
That's why
Today I take life as it comes

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