I either have to re-apply for UE this week or start my own grant writing business full force, which means gettinga  REAL part time job to supplement my income.

During my very hot bath this evening I decided I should re-apply and do barter with the big project for my “pay”. I need to have that steady check to pay the rent.

I have also decided that for the next few days I will be focusing most of my time and energy on two things…the projects(4) and my son.

I keep getting warnings that I have coasted a bit the last two weeks and I need to take some action in order to keep my rewards, if you know what I mean.

Physically I am great. Hormones have re-shifted. I am awaiting some test results and have some decisions to make about further “procedures”…which WILL NOT include any removal of items from my body. I can swear to that!

Emotionally I feel strange. But, with all that has come down in the last few days for me and those I care for, well, it’s only understandable. But there is some stuff I am struggling with.

I have some internal and external work to do. Gotta get going!

EDIT: As of this morning, I will be doing reflective sheilding. Didn’t wanna hafta…but guess I have no choice. I have unwittingly let too much in, or OUT as the case may be.

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