The protective coating has gotten thicker in the last day or so.

Hope this will pass.

Me no like.

For such a “feeling” sun sign, I can sure mask it pretty easily…from MYSELF that is.

It’s like the stronger the emotion the stronger the protective coating gets.

What sucks is that I have no CONTROL over this phenomena. I have no strategy for resolving it.

and since I am PMSing I have little control over which emotion I can feel. I cry happy(at sweet stuff in a movie)…I cry sad(like at puppies in commercials and sh&%)…I cry angry(at my sons behavior)…I cry at whatever(random good and bad stuff). grrr

It is very easy for me to crawl up into my head and stay there.

I’ll just be careful of my interactions until this passes, I guess.


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  1. maschinoize says:

    Oh, I do that pretty well – keep emotions all neatly packaged, usually. Actually, the more I feel like unpleasant emotions are running away from me, it gets supplanted by anger that something can affect me that much. Dunno how healthy that is, but it fixes it right up. Except for music, maybe – can’t get mad at that because I choose to listen to it even if they dredge things up.
    The crying part, I don’t do. Can’t say I’ve cried in at least a decade.

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