I was supposed to go up to Burbank today to do FOCUS stuff, but the plan has changed.

sooo…I do have a lot of other things to work on. Coffee House stuff. I need to send an outline of the info I need to do my preliminary research and stuff.

Guess I will focus on that and then FOCUS on FOCUS later today.

M and I finished our draft budget for Itengvu last night. I was wiped and slept like a baby …monkey that is.

I actually have some “stuff” to process in my mind/heart/body so maybe this is a good thing. I felt very complacent yesterday. I am motivated today, but still have been ignoring some inner talking that I should probably do with myself.

yep…that crazy Taty is here again. bwahaha*cough* not really…

Just need to set aside some time for meditation.


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