I am not motivated to write pages and pages of interesting crap about my week. So…

I love Chopin’s Fantasie Impromtu. It REALLY makes a difference who is tickling the Ivories. mhm hmm

I was turned on to Vinx this week by someone. Vinx=wow.
I was gifted very generously with the cassette (1993) of “Mo Di” by Mouth Music…a Scottish band with a black female singer. This gift means a lot to me.

Wow…did I have a great time when a group of friends came over for a Cultural Pot Luck on Friday night.

Friday day didn’t SUCK either. ummm…yah.

Used to be I was being fed some tasty bread and ice water w/ lemon, but recently I am being served up some roasted Cornish game hen and merlot. yummmmmmmy  

Too cryptic for yah? oh well!

I WOULD learn piano just so I could play this song…I swear!

I am really getting into taking photographs lately. Seems I am getting good at it. I have been blessed with many wonderful opportunities to take pictures. My son has been inspired to take up photography as a hobby. But…unlike his mommy…he wants to pick up a 35mm. He was literally inspired by ONE SHOT by a friend of mine. It’s sorta crazy. J is very into Skateboarding, but he seems to suddenly be passionate about this. He has a very good eye, so this should be tons of fun!

Flippin’ program keeps locking up…Limewire that is. I am listening to “Games Without Frontiers” Peter Gabriel *whistling tunes*

I have been craving chocolate. I went out and bought some Dove Dark which I NOW into since some was mailed to me by tiarra for winter holidays! yum!!!!

The Big Easy is on. GREAT movie. Makes me miss New Orleans.

I attempted to make Pralines the other day but what I succeeded in doing was making a mess on my stove and a really delicious topping for vanilla Bean ice cream. REALLY TASTY!

Did you know that there is NO YEAR of the RAM in the Chinese Astrology? IT IS A SHEEP!!!! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!*LMAO*


My mother’s visit was very nice. She left at 4:30 AM this morning. We worked out some issue and brought up old ones that we will resolve. We had a lot of fun and bonded even more if possible. She got to meet most of my closest friends and all of the people from all of the projects (4) I am involved in.

I now have a 4th project (grant writing) which will actually be a paying gig. It’s a long story. I’ll post it later this evening. Spirit is REALLY working in my life is many small and very huge ways. Thank you for the blessings.

One such blessing was a random yet “planned” visit by one of my dearest friends and her lover. S &A were here for the party and the rest of the weekend. We got caught up and there were lots of hugs and laughter. They will be coming back to go to Disneyland when we all get rich. I will go to visit them in Tucson to have some of my photos framed by A, among other things.

That reminds me of horseback riding. Last time I rode was in the desert through 30 ft. cactus and over hills and valleys. It was amazing! I want to go riding again very soon.

I am listening to “Mercy Street“-P.G. This is one of my favorite songs EVER.

I am craving a camping trip. Maybe to Casper‘s in Feb.? I dunno. We shall see.

I realized that I sometimes take showers just so I can be really hot. It’s like a mini sweat lodge. heh

mmm I think I want some wine to have with this chocolate. I’ll write more later.


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  1. maschinoize says:

    I’m looking to get back into photography again, too. I was bummed when my old nikon digital broke, because it was of the very few that could also do infrared. But last Thursday I learned that Nikon’s D50 digital slr will also do infrared without me having to void the warranty to do it.
    So, shopping for a D50 and Hoya R72 filter kit!

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