I am posting this pics from yesterday’s adventure in Carpenteria. Nothing more to say. Enjoy!

An Italian Restaurant An Italian Restaurant
Mom and I had dinner at this cute Italian place in Ojai. I am going to edit out teh background, but I LOVE these flowers.
B&W Backbone B&W Backbone
Stone Layers Stone Layers Stone Moss Shadows Stone Moss Shadows
Carp Stone People B&W Carp Stone People B&W Backbone Normal Backbone Normal
Carpenteria Bluffs Carpenteria Bluffs B&W Drift Claw 1 B&W Drift Claw 1
B&W Drift Claw 2 B&W Drift Claw 2 Drift Claw Normal Drift Claw Normal
Mom in Stone Circle Mom in Stone Circle Egret Solitude Egret Solitude
Inspired 4 Directions Inspired 4 Directions
I walked up on 4 rocks. Each lying in one of the “4 corners”.
You can’t really see all of them in the picture.
Woman Carved in Tree Woman Carved in Tree
Dunno who did this, but it is really cool.
Stone Texture Stone Texture Stone Pattern Stone Pattern
Open Seat in Stone Circle Open Seat in Stone Circle Wooden Serpent Wooden Serpent
Mr. Tree Mr. Tree
Look! He is waving at YOU! and see his eye and mouth?
Panchita and Her Shadow Panchita and Her Shadow
Moss Anenome Moss Anenome

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  1. Gorgeous pics. *smiling* It would appear that you and your mom are having a good time together, and I’m glad to see that. *hugs and a smile*

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