We went to Escondido Falls today. Not what we set out to do, but as usual SHE had other plans for our day. It was very relaxing and mom and I had plenty of things to talk about. I am waaaay to sleepy to do a proper post. I am sure I will write up glorious detailed accounts of all of our adventures soon. maybe…

Enjoy the pictures. I really like some of these shots…but others are just for the sake of memory. I’ll let y’all pic and choose.

Escondido Grotto Escondido Grotto
This is where you enter the falls area at the end of the 2.2 mile hike in. We were the only people on the trail.
Roots Roots
This is one of my favorite pics from today’s outing. I have always been interested in the roots of trees.
Shadow Falls Shadow Falls
Notice the shdows of the branches on the falls. When I noticed this it took me about 30 seconds to focus on the shadow as NOT being a real branch.
Vertigo Hill Vertigo Hill
heh nothing to say really.
Base of Falls Base of Falls
Ok. I am getting sleepy. No creative picture name and no flourish. Sorry.
Dry Falls Top Dry Falls Top
This is a picture of the top of a dry waterfall.
Eileen Eileen
This is a relaxed mom.
Monkey in a Tree Monkey in a Tree
I look like I am “in” the tree, but I cheated. I am “in front” of a small tree.
Shadow Touch Rock Spirit Shadow Touch Rock Spirit
There is some sort of spirit in that whole in the rock. It “spoke” to a friend and me on our last hike.
Shadow Play 2 Shadow Play 2
Tree Curves Tree Curves
The tree in the back in seriously overpowering the front tree. Like the trees in the Wizard of Oz forest.
Just Tree Tops Just Tree Tops
That’s all. This one is for a memory for myself. Purely posted for selfish reasons.

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3 Comments on Escondido Falls with Mom

  1. ravyne_hawke says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous place! Glad you and your mom had a lovely time 🙂

  2. neat_rox says:

    It looks beautiful there. I’m a nature girl, myself, so always love to look at pictures like these. They soothe me. I really like the one “Tree Curves”. The photo is beautiful.

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