I am just sitting back eating the whipped cream off  the top off of the Hot Fudge Sundae that is life.

I don’t like marachino cherries…anyone want it?

Right this moment my mother, Eileen, is sitting on a plane on her way out here. She ACTUALLY just sat down and they are getting reading to serve her a juice of some sort, cuz she is not a big soda drinker.

The last month, since I traded in my miles for her ticket, has gone by soooo darned fast. I cannot believe the things that have happened in my life since Thanksgiving. UNBELIEVABLE S%^&!

I am overwhelmed with joy and mom coming out for teh next 8 days is a big part of that. My mother IS my best friend and I want to share the truly magical things Spirit has gifted me with recetly. All 3 volunteer opportunities, new friends and more.

I am just so happy I could spit…AGAIN!*LMAO*

Today mom and I are going to Sweat Lodge. This will be my second and my mother’s first ever. She is 61…as of Jan. 14th. She is coming out here on a spiritual journey of sorts. Her spirit needs healing, cleansing and feeding.

This sweat is a nightime sweat which was postponed from last weekend, due to rain. So, it worked out that I could not go due to MOON stuff. you know?

It will be a bit chilly after the sweat, so I think I am going to bring mulled cider and my camping stove for everyone to have some warmness afterwards.

I will probably have to drive us home as mom will be on East Coast time.

As far as the rest of her visit goes: looks likewe will be going to SOng Fest with M. It’s put on by the Ajachemem tribe. That is Sunday.

Mom will be meeting J’s girlfriend Annie on Sunday night, most likley.

My mother will also be meeting most of my closest friends on Friday at my place. I’ll write about it after the fact.

There will be lots of interesting meetings going on…including some introductions tonight.

Mom said that she feels like a celebrity. *LOL*

Life in general right now just keeps on the same path of wonder and amazement. Sure, there are minor setbacks…like M and I not being able to submit our grant due to needing a letter of recommendation. But, ya know what? We are ok.

I’ll be saying some prayers for M and the project tonight at the sweat. Along with some healing for my innards. *wink* And strength for those I care for.

Thank you Mother Earth for my blessings.

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  1. Sounds like a good time for you and for your mom. I hope you both enjoy her visit. *smiles*

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